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You love Escape Rooms! Try our "Amazing Adventure Society: The Forgotten Room" game

We believe Escape Rooms is a new genre of entertainment that can take storytelling to a new level. For us it’s not enough to have a themed room with some random puzzles inside.

We have an original story and logical puzzles that are intertwined with that story. Clues, environment and puzzles are designed to completely immerse you in the experience.

Room Escape Artist about Amazing Adventure Society:

"The puzzles in The Forgotten Room were beautiful. In a mix of tech and more traditional components, The Other Tales crafted their own puzzle elements with care and love.
Both tangible and paper-based, the puzzles varied in structure, skills, and difficulty."

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We recommend teams of 4 to 8 to play. Maximum number of players is 10.

The price is $39.95 per ticket. All games are private.

We are located at boarder of Passaic and Bergen counties in Hawthorne, NJ. Plenty of parking. Walking distance from the train station.

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escape room for escape room enthusiasts

Adventurer! A secret room is discovered at the Amazing Adventure Society headquarters.

Can you find an ancient relic hidden there by the society’s founders?

Original Puzzles and Story