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The Anomaly.

Science Fiction Game - up to 8 players.

New Escape Game Room

Our world is full of unexplained events: people disappear, strange objects appear, mysterious lights and sounds are reported everyday. The Anomaly could hold the key to the mysteries around us. What is the Anomaly? Find out when you play our science fiction game! Book your game today!

Amazing Adventure Society: The Forgotten Room.

Adventure Game - up to 10 players.

Amazing Adventure Society Room

The founders of the Amazing Adventure society, Clara Ridley and Ed Harding, were among the daring adventurers chasing the legends of the world. In their travels they uncovered a mysterious Relic, and since then their lives weren’t the same.

Learn about the secrets Clara and Ed discovered. Enter a room that looks as if it was frozen in time for more than 100 years!

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